• Our strategy of adapting to the needs of the clients means to be able to start the projects by respecting the fundamental deadlines while ensuring the perfect flexibility of the design tools. This is the reason why we decided to cooperating with our clients already during the preliminar budget process through joint meetings, sampling and mock-up. Subsequently, we continue our partnership all through the development of the project until the achievement of the objective.

  • We have gained a 30 year long experience in processing wood and other materials, by combining the craftmanship techniques with numerically controlled technologies. We are perfectly equipped with the best tools in order to manufacture autonomously our products in every process phase till the installation. We have succeded in cutting the production costs and times by working together with several specialised external experts.

  • We have complemented the craftmanship profession with the exploitation of advanced numerically controlled technology as well as with the suitable moulding and assembling tecniques. We have been constantly investing in all necessary updates on new materials and trims in order to achieve our projects.

  • The selection of materials and their combination for the realisation of the final product are the result of both the design achieved and the partnership with our client: wood, metal, plastic, glass, fabrics, leather, composite materials, installations, superficial trims, stone materials, lighting, handling and implementations.